Blog 2.5

1 Orientation

A. Overview of your project(syllabus pg2)

B. Weapon exercise group activity where you had to pick a weapon that would be useful during a disaster/apocalypse

c. Create a blog for your “short assignment” Anne Lamott wrote everyday we can write a short amount and get things done.

D. Describe a situation where you lost power, wrote, etc in blog 1

2 Day 2

A. Interview a classmate about their experience interviews can count as primary sources. You just have to give credit to the right people and make sure they were a witness. Gathered raw data with their answers we then used to make fake research paper that day. Homework read campus plumber.

3 Day 3

A. NPR and “fake news.”

B. use of pills

C. About our water comes from

d “campus plumber”



The origins of zombies can be found in Caribbean and African culture and the voodoo religion.  Zombies are usually animated corpses or people who are spellbound. They are soulless and are controlled by a curse or the person who cast a spell on them. Shamans or priests bewitched people to be slaves to perform tasks for them.

The knowledge of zombies first came to America through slavery and then immigration. Then around the same time as Dracula and Frankenstein began appearing in movies in the early 1900’s zombies also began to appear. They have had a heavy presence in horror movies, shows , and literature. The fact that zombies where soulless and hard to kill were the reasons they raised such fear in people. This reason and that they are caused by some kind of plague, virus, or curse zombies are associated with the apocalypse. When only a few people are left after a catastrophe and then have to deal with zombies can cause fear and sell well at the box offices


On my last deployment in Iraq my squad would occasionally lose power while providing over watch. The lost of power was due to the generator that provided the power switching off due to overheating. The was due to well over 100 degree heat even while shaded under a tarp.

We still had vehicles with radios to maintain communication with headquarters. Even through these power blackouts would only last a couple hours we were without air conditioning and the use of any electronics for entertainment. It became so hot in the metal shipping containers that we used as sleeping quarters that we congregated  outside in the shade to stay as cool as possible.